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corneal ophthalmologist
Luca Avoni, Specialista in Oculistica.
  • Born on June 8th, 1970 in Imola

  • Admitted to Bologna University's Medical Science and Surgery College in 1989-1990 Academic Year.

  • Graduated in Medical Science and Surgery on October 10th, 1995 summa cum laude.

  • Ophtalmology Graduate studies in Bologna University on November 9th, 1999 summa cum laude.

  • Member of the Board of Medicine and Surgery in Forlì-Cesena (Identification Number 4329).

  • From November 17th, 1999 to October 4th, 2001 Luca Avoni worked in Imola's Local Health Authority and Eye Bank.

  • From October 5th, 2001 to November 6th, 2011 Luca Avoni worked as Ophtalmology Head Physician in Reggio Emilia Hospital "Santa Maria Nuova".

  • From November 7th, 2011 Luca Avoni is Ophtalmology Head Physician in Bologna Hospital "Ospedale Maggiore"

  • From January 1st, 2012 Luca Avoni is the Manager of Emilia-Romagna Eye Bank.

  • From May 10th, 2014 Luca Avoni is member of the Board of SIBO - Società Italiana Banche Occhi (Italian Society of Eye Banks)

  • Luca Avoni works in particular on the Anterior Segment of Eyeball, in Cataract Surgery and Corneal Transplant.

    The primary medical field is cornea: surgery with excimer laser, therapies for myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism and corneal leucoma, keratoconus cross-linking, lamellar (SALK, DALK, DSAEK) and penetrating corneal transplantation on keratoconus, corneal leucoma, keratopathy, corneal dystrophy.

    Luca Avoni is qualified also for age-related macular degeneration treatment (retina ageing) with anti-VEGF medicines, strabismus diagnosis, therapy and surgery and glaucoma therapy and surgery.

    Other operations: eyelid ptosis, eyelid and conjunctiva surgery.

    Luca Avoni effectuates also argon-laser therapy for retina deseas (diabetic retinopathy, retina deep vein occlusion, retina break) and yag-laser treatment. Diagnosis with: topography and pachymetry, pupillometry, OCT, fluorescein angiography, visual field.

    Luca Avoni is member of the Italian Ophtalmology Society. He participates to national and international conferences and has been in Moorfields Hospital in London for refresher courses.

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